Wild -Canadiens | Surprisingly, after 12 games, the Montreal Canadiens sit in the centre of the pack in the NHL rankings. They have been entertaining to watch at home, and in this rebuilding year, the entertainment value is more important than performance.

The Minnesota Wild played at the Bell Centre on Tuesday night, and it was yet another interesting game that the Wild won 3-1.

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Hockey is played in an exciting up-and-down fashion by the Canadiens. They have plenty of opportunities, and Montreal is one of the league’s finest rushing teams, according to Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe.

The main problem at the moment appears to be that there isn’t enough of that powerful build-up to result in a high degree of finish.

Wild -Canadiens It appears that only four team members are accurately represented on the score sheet in relation to the work they are producing. A significant portion of the scoring is produced by a single line that performs superbly every single night.

Cole Caufield has scored five goals in just seven games. With a little flutter shot that glanced off a Wild stick and went in, Caufield defeated Marc Andre Fleury. You acquire them if you score goals.

On the opposite side of that line is Sean Monahan, a hockey player who is a reclamation project because of poor hips. With two goals and three assists thus far this year, Monahan has accumulated five points.

Of course, the captain is in the middle and steers the team at a point-per-game clip. In seven games, Nick Suzuki has three goals and four assists.

Excellent for the line, but so yet, there isn’t much more. Kirby Dach, who had two fantastic chances in this one, is the best of the rest. On the power play, there were two opportunities.

First one struck the post. The second attempt from dead centre struck a defender. Dach has shown resilience. He has unquestionable 2C potential.

All of the forwards have played thrilling hockey, but some of them appear to be lacking self-assurance. Sometimes they pass up a clear shot or a very good opportunity because there is an open net.

The group can produce. They have the ability to fly. They are able to amuse. It seems like a matter of time until the other forwards begin to frequently score with the top line. For many of them, it seems like a breakout is just around the corner.