South Africa’s victory against India puts them one step closer to a semi-final position while also endangering Pakistan’s prospects of qualifying. Here is a snapshot of the teams in Group 2 with six games remaining.

South Africa

3 games, 5 points, NRR 2.772, and rematches against Pak and Neth

South Africa is in a great position to secure a spot in the semifinals with five points already in the bank, a fantastic net run rate (NRR) of 2.772, and a match against Netherlands still to play. They will almost probably advance if they defeat the Netherlands and get up to seven points. Even if Bangladesh and Zimbabwe win their last games to finish with eight and seven points, respectively, South Africa’s NRR ought to be sufficient to qualify. India still has two games left, against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, and if they win one of those games, at least one of those teams won’t pose a threat to South Africa if they reach seven.


vs. Ban and Zim, Rem matches: 3, Points: 4, NRR: 0.844

South Africa’s victory against India, India must win their final two games to guarantee their qualification. If they defeat Bangladesh but fall short against Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zimbabwe might potentially end with seven points or more. If Bangladesh defeats India but India defeats Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and South Africa would advance ahead of India. They will be keeping an eye on the weather as well because Wednesday, when India and Bangladesh play, there is currently a 70% possibility of showers in Adelaide.


3, played, 4, points, NRR -1.533, rematches vs India and Pakistan

Bangladesh and India are on an equal footing, however if it comes down to NRR, Bangladesh may lose because of their significantly lower NRR. They must win at least one of their final two games against the two Asian heavyweights in order to remain in the running. Regardless of other outcomes, they will qualify if they win both and finish on eight.


3, played, 3, points, -0.050 NRR. matches against Neth and Ind

For Zimbabwe to remain in the running, they must win both of their remaining games. They will end up with only five points, which is almost definitely insufficient, if they defeat Netherlands but lose against India.


played three times, scored two points, and had a 0.765 NRR.

The defeat of India by South Africa has harmed Pakistan’s chances. Pakistan may end with a maximum of six points, while South Africa, if they defeat the Netherlands, can reach seven points. If India loses one of their final two games and finishes with six points, though, an NRR matchup between the bitter rivals is still a possibility.

For instance, if Pakistan wins its final two games and Bangladesh defeats India, who then defeats Zimbabwe, all three Asian countries might end with six points and compete for the final slot (if South Africa beat Netherlands and finish on seven). If India loses a game, their NRR could decline, which could be advantageous for Pakistan because theirs is relatively healthy at 0.765.


3, played, 0 points, -1.948 NRR in rematches vs SA and Zim.

Netherlands is eliminated from the competition after collecting zero points in three games.