Soccer | Two brand-new independent sports websites with a focus on Canadian football have simultaneously opened on the day of Canada’s first World Cup game in 36 years.

We’d like to welcome two new neighbours Polar SC and Canadian Soccer Daily, who we hope will provide more independent news, opinions, analysis, and discourse in a space we feel so deeply deserves more recognition than it typically receives.

Don’t worry, Northern Tribune will always be a free source of Canadian soccer content. We’re not going anywhere. But tonight we wanted to commemorate the timely arrival of the newest members of the community and introduce them.

Polar Soccer Association

This website is a brand-new project started by former Canadian Premier League commentator Steven Marc Scott with the goal of fostering innovative teamwork and knowledge exchange throughout Canadian soccer circles.

Mahith Gamage (previously of Valour and Eikon Sports) Christina (freelance football analyst), Jay Fitzsimmons (who will maintain a suggested podcast directory). and Donald Belcham, an analyst who frequently provides data-driven material, will joining him as part of the first collaborators.

We expect to see this group of analytical minds come together into a fantastic idea collective because it’s a strong group with a range of viewpoints. It appears that additional contributors are on their way as well.

One day, Polar SC hopes to venture into conferences, events, and training programmes to unite people, encourage knowledge sharing, and ultimately advance the game through teamwork.

Daily Canadian Soccer

It aims to generate consistent content with an ambitiously broad emphasis that spans from the UEFA Champions League all the way down to the Canadian Premier League.

According to Dunlop, while he was working in television. This channel gave him the freedom to follow his passion for writing without restrictions.

With the intention of becoming a daily publication, it will expand beyond that format by adding video material. Managing editor Tom Nightingale will oversee a team of domestic writers and independent contractors.