West Indies vs. Scotland | This World Cup really is thrilling already. We are done here. Zimbabwe and Ireland are about to engage in combat. To obtain the newest, switch tabs. We’ll talk shortly.


This is a significant victory for us. Over the past year, a lot of effort has gone into this. really pleased with the lads. T20 cricket has not been played as frequently as we would have wanted (Scotland played only 2 T20Is between World Cups). But because we participated in a lot of 50-over cricket, it was crucial that we carried over those skills to T20 cricket.

After the good start, we continued to consider a few. But we were aware that this was a tough score. The bowlers were outstanding. In the powerplay, Mark Watt excelled, and he frequently claims significant wickets. Leask had four straight superb overs today.


A painful loss for us. Indeed disappointing. We’ll have to work hard now to win both games, I suppose. Par was a score of 160. The middle of the order batted poorly. We’ve been having trouble in the middle order for a while, and it’s still happening.

(Asked about the batting against Scotland’s spinners.) Definitely unacceptable. The ball was barely moving at all. We must think it through and improve. The next two games must be won. I suppose you want the next game to start as soon as possible when you play poorly. We weren’t being lazy, in my opinion. We did have a strong beginning, but after the powerplay, things got dismal.

George Munsey

was named the game’s MVP. The injury is not fantastic, but it’s fine. We’ll assess our performance tonight and make the best effort we can the remainder of the week. I’m constantly trying to become better, but I felt the boys did a great job. We fought in the field like everyone else does; men took their catches, and Watty (Mark Watt) bowled with outstanding figures and class. A really strong performance was given.

I loved the beginning and found it a little difficult after the break, but I always enjoyed playing here in Australia. The boys took the heat off of me in the middle after that rain delay. We proceeded in this way because we were confident we had enough on the board to defend.

13:46 IST, 19:16 local time, and 08:16 GMT: West Indies vs Scotland¬† | Scotland has taken a step further by playing a country that participates in Test matches after coming so close to crushing New Zealand at the previous World Cup. At the midway point, Munsey declared that he supported his team’s ability to bowl well and praised Scotland for their remarkable performance.

Although Mayers’ assault really got West Indies off to a good start, Lewis and King were not given the freedom to bat freely. Scotland then used Watt and Leask to exert pressure. Until recently, the game was dominated by two finger spinners using just smart lines and variations.

While playing dots one after the other, West Indies lost wickets.¬† No one, with the exception of Holder, had the idea to go this far, as Munsey did when he was having trouble, and tee off afterwards. With power hitting up until practically No. 10, West Indies might have easily won the chase, but they opted to play subpar cricket and gave in to Scotland’s pressure.

Additionally, the winners today caught very well. Some of these were second-chance conversions. It was a fantastic day for Scotland’s cricket, and the morning at home could not have begun any better.