In the second tier, Holstein Kiel and Hannover 96 tied 1-1 on Friday night. As a result, the Lower Saxony lost out on the chance to advance to the promotion positions. In his ninth winter, Kiel was.

Instead of engaging in tactical battles, both sides shifted into forward motion. “In the second division, it was a nice match. Congratulations to both clubs,” said Stefan Leitl, the Hanover coach, “it was a fair draw.” Marcel Rapp, his opponent, reached the same verdict: “It was a fair draw against a talented opponent.”

96 had a little better first few minutes, but the hosts soon seized the lead. Fin Bartels stepped up and headed the ball in from eight yards out like a traditional centre forward after a fantastic ball relay (9′). The 35-year-old seldom scores goals in his career, but he did today.

However, the lead could not make the citizens of Kiel happy for very long. Cedric Teuchert finished the ball with a drop kick from close range after it fairly fortunately landed with him (16′).

After a strong beginning, the game becomes boring.

In any event, the opening part of the battle saw some highly honourable aggressive moves. While 96 played more strategically, the “Storks” were still a threat in quick counterattacks. Five minutes after the equaliser, Kwasi Okyere Wriedt just missed grabbing the lead once more.

Following the change of sides, the action calmed down until the following exciting development. With a strike from five yards out, Fabian Reese struck 96 goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler in the face. The world champion from 2014 was still allowed to compete (47th).

Chances were few in the second half.

Hanover’s aggressive behaviour was becoming less and less noticeable. The game’s activity gradually changed in favour of the visitors’ objective. Up until the very end of the second half, Lower Saxony’s greatest opportunity came from a header by Hendrik Weydandt that barely missed the crossbar (74′).

The KSV Holstein, however, had nothing more to contribute. The multiple flanks posed no threat, and the Schleswig-Holsteiners didn’t jokingly put pressure on Hannover.

Leitl, the 96 coach, sees yellow-red

And Kiel goalkeeper Tim Schreiber almost gifted Hannover the victory: Following a major error, Havard Nielsen fired the goal with his heel, but Patrick Erras stopped the 1:2 (88th).

Leitl, the coach of the 96ers, was given a yellow-red card at the game’s conclusion after yelling at the referee for his action. After an alleged foul by Schreiber on Nielsen, he demanded a penalty. Nielsen’s wager, however, had already been called off by the referee.

“That was bad behaviour on my side. But I also don’t have to feel bad about it “Leitl remarked. He won’t sit on the bench against 1. FC Kaiserslautern in the second half of the season (January 28).