On the third day of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams made a surprise move by selecting Stetson Bennett, a quarterback from the University of Georgia, in the fourth round. Bennett was not projected to be drafted until later rounds, if at all, but the Rams saw something in him that others did not.

Bennett played for the Georgia Bulldogs for four years, but only started for two. He led the team to the College Football Playoff National Championship in his first year as a starter, but they fell short to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Bennett had an up-and-down career at Georgia, but he always had the support of his teammates and coaches.

Many analysts were surprised by the Rams’ decision to draft Bennett, especially given the fact that they already have a star quarterback in Matthew Stafford. However, the Rams have a history of taking risks in the draft, and they clearly saw something in Bennett that they liked.

Bennett is a bit undersized for a quarterback, standing at only 6’0″ and weighing 190 pounds. He also doesn’t have the strongest arm in the world, but he makes up for it with his accuracy and decision-making. Bennett is known for his ability to read defenses and make quick, smart decisions with the football.

One thing that sets Bennett apart from other quarterbacks is his leadership skills. He was a captain at Georgia and was highly respected by his teammates. Bennett is not afraid to take charge and lead his team, even in the toughest of situations.

While Bennett may not have been a highly-touted prospect coming out of college, he has a chance to make a name for himself in the NFL. He will likely start his career as a backup to Stafford, but he could work his way up the depth chart with strong performances in practice and preseason games.

One thing that could work in Bennett’s favor is the Rams’ offensive system. Head coach Sean McVay is known for his creative and innovative offensive schemes, and he has a knack for getting the most out of his quarterbacks. If Bennett can learn McVay’s system quickly and execute it on the field, he could thrive in the Rams’ offense.

There are also challenges that Stetson Bennett

Of course, there are also challenges that Stetson Bennett will have to overcome. The NFL is a much faster and more complex game than college football, and Bennett will have to adjust to the speed and complexity of the pro game. He will also have to prove himself against some of the best players in the world, including some of the league’s top pass rushers.

Despite the challenges ahead, Stetson Bennett is excited for the opportunity to play in the NFL. In a post-draft interview, he said, “I’m just grateful for the opportunity to play at the highest level. I’m excited to get to work and prove myself to the Rams and the rest of the league.”

Stetson Bennett’s selection by the Rams is also a reminder that the draft is not an exact science. Every year, there are players who are overlooked or underrated by scouts and analysts, but who go on to have successful NFL careers. Bennett could very well be one of those players.

In conclusion, Stetson Bennett’s selection by the Los Angeles Rams in the fourth round of the 2023 NFL Draft was a surprise move, but it could turn out to be a smart one. Bennett has a chance to learn from one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Matthew Stafford and play in an innovative offensive system under Sean McVay. While there will be challenges ahead, Bennett has the skills and leadership ability to succeed in the NFL.