It might be the political elephant in the South Africa dressing room. But let’s face it: Temba Bavuma needs to clean up his act. In these two games, both his hitting and his leadership have been criticised. India, however, is fully aware that their batters must score at least 30 runs more than usual considering how vulnerable their bowling appears without Bumrah. In the name of Raju Peethala, Hari Sadanandan, and our scorer, Siva, I, Vineet Anantharaman, sign off at this time. Up until Indore, where we’ll play cricket on the most level ground ever,

Rahul, K.L.

Playing two different knocks in the first two games does feel gratifying. As an opener, it’s critical to comprehend the demands of the day and provide your all. I’ve always played with this attitude, and I’ll keep doing so. It’s enjoyable to put yourself to the test in various scenarios. To be really honest, after the first two overs, Rohit and I were talking about how gripping the pitch was. 180–185 seemed like a decent objective to us. However, the game astounds us. Surya ought should have won the Man of the Match award, therefore I’m amazed I’m receiving it.

He altered the rules. Having batted in the middle of the order, I have learned how challenging it is. DK, Surya, and Virat all played outstandingly considering that they don’t often get to face too many balls. I was set up by the first ball’s back foot punch. I can tell I have strong balance since I can play both sides of the wicket. It assures me that my head is steady. In India, crowds are a given. Cricket hasn’t been played in packed stadiums in a long. incredible to witness.

Rohit Sharma

When discussing this batting strategy, Rohit Sharma, the winning captain, remarked, “This is what we intended to accomplish as a team.” We wish to adhere to it, even though at times it may not be clear. What I have observed over the past 8–10 months is that people step up and do tasks for the team. Guys with less experience also did this. We want to instil the squad with the confidence they need to play and bowl in the manner they choose. Yes, in the last five or six games, we haven’t bowled well towards the end.

We likewise treat the opposition in a similar manner. At the latter end, bowling and batting are quite difficult. There is where the match’s result is decided. Although it is not alarming, we must gather ourselves and put our act together. I’m debating switching from Surya to playing him straight on the 23rd. We basically want to keep him content because that’s how the game works.

Temba Bavuma

Temba Bavuma | Capturing the loss: We didn’t play the ball with the finest of intentions, I think. Alternative circumstances called for different plans. Our chat will focus on the implementation of our ideas. We believed that the batters of South Africa would be effective with 220. But 240 was excessive. It demonstrates why David Miller is among the top T20 hitters in the world. He appears to be in terrific health, and his performance today gives us a lot of reason for optimism. We observed how simple it was to bat once their bowlers successfully caused the ball to swing at the top.

Suryakumar Yadav

Suryakumar Yadav: Since we were batting first, it was obvious that I needed to maintain the pace Rahul and Rohit had established, so I went ahead and had fun. Miller played excellent baseball, and I adored it. Simply be extremely well-prepared while conducting practise sessions (about second-guessing the bowlers). You can’t set a target while you are batting first, so you have to go as deep as you can and score as many runs as you can.

David Miller

Quinton clearly battled up front, but David Miller says he was able to bat through and give us a chance. It was only a matter of getting in since he is a good batter of South Africa who can hit fours and sixes. As you can see, we needed only 16 more runs. After the game, he (De Kock) approached me and said, “Well played, I’m sorry.” India immediately put us under strain despite the excellent wicket. We had to move on from ball one, and the flexibility let us be creative. It has been a little rainy and rainy here (humidity). I was only consuming as much water as I could.