qatar soccer | The FIFA Men’s World Cup is the biggest international athletic event after the Olympic Games. The 64-game soccer tournament, which will last four weeks, will begin on November 20 in Qatar. Five billion people are expected to watch the World Cup, according to FIFA, the organisation that organises it.

1.1 billion people watched the final match between France and Croatia out of the projected 3.5 billion people that watched the 2018 games. In the US, Fox will broadcast the event live in the English language, while Telemundo will broadcast it live in the Spanish language.

Similar to China’s hosting of the Winter Olympics in 2022

qatar soccer Controversy surrounds Qatar’s World Cup hosting. starting with the choice of the host country. Concerns regarding violations of human rights during the construction of the World Cup’s infrastructure are another issue. qatar soccer  In addition, homosexuality is strictly prohibited by law. Sponsors will need to tread carefully around these concerns, much like they did with the Beijing Olympics.

There were questions about the choice of Qatar. The country, which is the smallest to host the World Cup and has a population under three million, is less in area than Connecticut. qatar soccer Furthermore, Qatar is not a soccer superpower having participated in none of the past 21 World Cups with a squad (as host nation they qualify for the 2022 tournament).

Another problem was the weather; the World Cup is generally held in the summer, but Qatar, a desert country, experiences average July high temperatures of a muggy 108 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, FIFA shifted the tournament—a first—to the late fall, when Qatar’s typical maximum temperature is 85 degrees. Additionally, Qatar is the first country in the Middle East to host the Olympics or the World Cup.

FIFA chose Russia and Qatar as the 2018 and 2022 hosts of the Men’s World Cup

qatar soccer respectively, in December 2010. It has long been believed that the FIFA voting members had been bought off by representatives of both countries. England’s candidacy, as well as combined bids from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain-Portugal, were rejected in favour of Russia. qatar soccer In a runoff election, Qatar defeated the United States against competition from Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

In 2014, an inquiry into potential fraud and money laundering was launched as allegations of corruption surrounded FIFA. Numerous major FIFA sponsors, including Sony, Adidas, Coca-ColaKO +1.3%, Visa, Hyundai, and BP, firmly supported the inquiry.

“The negative tone of the public discourse around FIFA at the moment is neither beneficial for football nor for FIFA and its partners,” a representative for longtime sponsor Adidas stated at the time. qatar soccer A Coca-Cola representative added, “We are convinced that FIFA is taking these claims extremely seriously and is properly reviewing them through the Investigatory Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee.”