Lakkers vs Nuggets | The 0-3 Los Angeles Lakers will have a chance to win against the 2-2 Denver Nuggets after suffering yet another narrow defeat. Despite the fact that the season is still early, the two clubs haven’t lived up to the expectations they had going into it.

Lakkers vs Nuggets Prediction

This season has been exciting so far for Nikola Jokic. As the MVP in consecutive seasons, one would anticipate strong performances from him every single night. He’s had a somewhat lacklustre season by his standards. It’s amazing that he continues to average 20 points a game and comes quite close to a triple-double.

He still provides the majority of their offensive production, therefore he will need to improve his scoring, which will happen naturally. He only managed to score 9 points on 3-of-4 shooting, which is unacceptable if they want to win.

In a circumstance extremely similar to yours, LeBron James is giving his team pretty much everything. He averages more than 27 points, 11 rebounds, and more than 7 assists each game.

Lakkers vs Nuggets The biggest difference between Jokic and LeBron, however, is that Jokic’s club is set up for that playstyle, but LeBron’s lineup for the Lakers is completely unsupportive of him.

Fortunately for the Lakers, Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. have had some early-season issues as they look to reclaim their spots in the starting lineup now that they are both healthy. Murray has had trouble so far this season, but they both possess effective scoring abilities.

This team is undoubtedly a contender when they are both healthy and participating in their usual minutes. However, given their current predicament, they are not quite there, which offers the Lakers a chance to win this game.

Westbrook will likely miss this game with a hamstring injury, making it the Lakers’ first contest without him. It is acknowledged that Westbrook does not fit in Los Angeles, and vice versa.

Both sides understand that they must end their relationship. They will have the chance to watch Patrick Beverly serve as the only point guard in the starting lineup, which may be more advantageous for them.