Brandon Ingram departed the game in the first half after suffering a concussion, while Zion Williamson played 11 minutes before leaving Sunday’s contest.


The Pelicans’ key players Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram suffering injuries tarnished New Orleans’ optimistic start to the regular season.

In the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s 122-121 overtime victory by the Jazz, Williamson crashed to the floor on a transition dunk attempt that Utah’s Jordan Clarkson blocked from behind. Williamson was later diagnosed with a posterior hip contusion.

Brandon Ingram, a talented wing scorer who had averaged 28 points during the Pelicans’ first two games, departed the game with a concussion in the first half.

I’m a 6-foot-6 Williamson, who is registered at 284 pounds but looked lighter after starting a new summer fitness regimen, laid on the ground for a while in discomfort before making a brief attempt to resume playing.

Zion Williamson falling to the ground on his back caused Pelicans player CJ McCollum to think, “Oh, man, this isn’t good,” he recalled. Accidental play.

Hopefully, he returns as soon as possible, said McCollum. However, a lot of strength, vitality, and athleticism are dropping out.

Before being injured in a collision with teammate Naji Marshall in the first home game for New Orleans, Brandon Ingram scored 10 points in 11 minutes.


THE Williamson had 25 points before taking a hard fall, at which point he abruptly stopped participating in the game.

Ingram’s and Williamson availability for Tuesday night’s home game against Dallas for the Pelicans is currently unknown.

Williamson did not leave the bench area when he checked out to need emergency medical attention for his damaged hip. Brandon Ingram Williamson stayed with his squad until the final whistle, but according to coach Willie Green, there was no talk of bringing him back into the game.