Pakistan vs New Zealand, After receiving the prize, Babar Azam is surrounded by his friends, who are all singing loudly outside. Even if the World Cup won’t be long away, Pakistan will undoubtedly celebrate tonight and maybe the next day. Whether they can win games without Babar-Rizwan contributions has been the main discussion regarding their batting. Even if one game doesn’t mean much, the middle order’s performance in a crucial final will mean a great deal to them. Regarding aim and pace, Nawaz and Haider undoubtedly present the appropriate image.

Regarding aim and pace, Nawaz and Haider undoubtedly present the appropriate image. Going into the World Cup, Pakistan will be in a frenzy. Though they will be disappointed—losing at home always stings a little more—New Zealand has a great team, and we’ve all seen how they can come out of nowhere in ICC competitions. wishing the T20 World Cup the best of luck to both sides. That being said, Hari Sadanandan is here to sign off on Venkatesh AV’s behalf. Cheers!

Babar Azam | Captain of Pakistan:

All praise goes to the crew for the excellent performance. launched the ball well, and particularly the death over were excellent. Great batters, especially the middle order, which did its job. It’s amazing how Nawaz and Haider are playing. You want the middle order to advance in that way. I don’t believe so because the wicket performed similarly in both innings (whether he regretted chasing on seeing the pitch). We feel good about ourselves as a team going into the main event, and we want to keep the momentum going.

Kane Williamson, the captain of New Zealand:

Fantastic cricket match. Pakistan is a highly powerful team. They did a fantastic job of shifting the momentum in their favour. For us, disappointing. You probably always want for 20 more runs, but the wicket was on the weaker side, and this series has been largely successful for us. Pakistan deserves praise for their excellent ball striking. No one should be held accountable for Sodhi’s 25 ran over. It’s a game with razor-thin odds. You aren’t far from turning the game in your favour, even with an over that goes for too many.

This conviction is essential to us. A fantastic squad is Pakistan. It felt fantastic to contribute, even if you naturally want to make a couple more and be on the winning team. Most likely got a par total, but Pakistan’s death bowling was pretty effective. Throughout the competition, the guys all performed their duties admirably.

Player of the Series: Michael Bracewell

Pakistan vs New Zealand, Happy with the recognition. But it was disappointed that we weren’t able to receive the medal of victory today. I was ready to bowl during the powerplay since I had been practising a lot in the nets. It was intimidating, but enjoyable, to bowl to Rizwan and Babar. Being a specialised officer for New Zealand is distinct from what I do at home. Although Pakistan’s bowlers performed excellently in the dying stages, it was disappointing not to score any boundaries with the bat towards the end. Although rather depressing for us, there are certain advantages going into the World Cup.

I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given. I’m attempting to absorb as much information as I can from the other spin bowlers in our team. I believe my skill set has significantly increased since eight months ago.

Mohammad Nawaz, Player of the Game:

Yesterday and today, when I walked up to bat, I was simply supporting myself. I was convinced that any practise I performed in the nets would work. I was able to aid myself by batting in the middle order during the domestic games. We gained momentum from Haider Ali’s playing, and when Sodhi arrived, I felt compelled to attack him since I was hitting into the wind. After he (Haider) crossed some lines, I took a chance.