The English Premier League is known for its unpredictability and drama, and the 2022/23 season has been no exception. Newcastle United, one of the founding members of the Premier League, has been making headlines for all the right reasons this season. The Magpies have been putting in some impressive performances on the pitch, and off the pitch, the talk in their dressing room has been about their assistant manager, Jason Tindall.

Who is Jason Tindall?

Jason Tindall is a former footballer turned coach who is currently the assistant manager of Newcastle United. Tindall began his playing career at Charlton Athletic before moving on to play for a number of clubs including Bournemouth, where he spent six years and made over 170 appearances. After retiring from playing in 2006, Tindall became a coach at Bournemouth and worked his way up the ranks to become assistant manager.

In 2021, Tindall was appointed as assistant manager at Newcastle United, working under manager Steve Bruce. Tindall’s appointment was seen as a shrewd move by Bruce, as he brought with him a wealth of experience and knowledge of the game. Tindall had worked with Bruce previously at Aston Villa and was highly regarded for his tactical acumen and ability to motivate players.

Why is Tindall the talk of Newcastle’s dressing room?

Tindall has quickly become a popular figure in Newcastle’s dressing room, with many of the players praising his impact on the team. The Magpies have had a difficult few years, with a number of managerial changes and relegation battles. However, under Bruce and Tindall’s leadership, the team has been performing well this season and has been challenging for a top-six finish.

One of the reasons for Tindall’s popularity is his approach to coaching. Tindall is known for his attention to detail and his ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of both his own team and their opponents. He is also highly regarded for his man-management skills and his ability to motivate players. Tindall is known to be a positive and enthusiastic presence in the dressing room, and this has helped to create a positive atmosphere within the team.

Another reason for Tindall’s popularity is his tactical knowledge. Tindall is known for his ability to adapt to different playing styles and to come up with effective game plans. He has been credited with helping to improve Newcastle’s defensive record this season, with the team conceding fewer goals than they did in the previous campaign. Tindall’s tactical expertise has also been praised for helping to get the best out of the team’s attacking players, with the likes of Allan Saint-Maximin and Callum Wilson benefiting from his guidance.

What does the future hold for Tindall and Newcastle?

Newcastle performing well this season,

With Newcastle performing well this season and challenging for a top-six finish, the future looks bright for Tindall and the Magpies. Tindall’s impact on the team has been clear to see, and he is highly regarded by both the players and the coaching staff. His role at the club is likely to become even more important in the coming years, and there is already talk of him taking on a more senior coaching position in the future.

As for Newcastle, the team will be hoping to continue their good form and to challenge for a European place in the coming seasons. With Tindall’s help, the team will be looking to build on their success this season and to establish themselves as one of the top teams in the Premier League.


Jason Tindall is a coach who is making waves in the world of football, and his impact on Newcastle United has been significant. With his attention to detail