There are only a few weeks left till Qatar 2022 kicks off, and everyone is in the grip of football fever. 2022 world cup soccer ball While a Pakistani team has never participated in the sport, Pakistan is represented by the balls at almost every significant soccer match in the world.

The Al Rihila will be used exclusively for this year’s Fifa World Cup, much like the “Tel Star 18” in 2018 and the “Brazuca” in 2014.

The assembly line inspector at Forward Sports, the facility in Sialkot that makes these balls, says, “We make sure to give our hundred percent to every single ball, but when it comes to the football World Cup, the level of commitment is something else.”

Smartly dressed ladies working along a long production line are busily cutting, sewing, and applying the final touches to samples of the match ball that has gained worldwide fame.

The 2022 world cup soccer ball

Even though Forward Sports is providing services for the third consecutive Fifa World Cup, this may be the first time a product that will be kicked about by players like Ronaldo and Messi in November is actually “made in Pakistan.”

Khawaja Masood Akhtar, CEO of Forward Sports, reveals that this time, unlike the previous two occasions when the official ball was jointly created with China, his business is the sole maker of the match balls. This is no small accomplishment given how commonplace the “made in China” label has grown as a result of their renowned manufacturing ability.

This, in Mr. Akhtar’s opinion, demonstrates the firm’s dedication to “innovation, automation, and efficiency mixed with unrelenting research and development.”

Their main benefit, in his opinion, is the availability of inexpensive labor. But if effective mechanisms are not in place, labour will only take you so far, he adds.

Forward Sports, a company founded in 1991, claims to supply match balls for some of the world’s biggest football events, such as the Champions League (since 2008) and the FIFA World Cup.2022 world cup soccer ball¬† Forward Sports has been collaborating with Adidas since the mid-1990s (since 2014).

In the corner of a conference space, samples of previous competition balls are on show. A brief presentation describes the company’s history’s accomplishments and many national and international awards.

Mr. Akhtar seems unperturbed notwithstanding the political haze that surrounds events on the national front. When it comes down to it, the client just cares that their requests be handled effectively and promptly, he argues.

“The client isn’t too concerned about who the head of state is if we can give them with great items at affordable prices.”