Trading Lonzo Ball in 2023

In the dynamic world of professional basketball. Teams are faced with tough decisions when it comes to player trades. In 2019, the Los Angeles Lakers made the controversial move of trading Lonzo ball. A promising young talent, as part of a blockbuster deal. While it was met with mixed reactions at the time. Recent developments suggest that the Lakers may have actually dodged a bullet with this trade. In this article, we delve into the reasons why parting ways with Ball in 2019 could have been a wise decision for the Lakers.

Injury Concerns:

One of the primary factors that led the Lakers to trade Lonzo Ball was his history of injuries. Throughout his tenure with the Lakers, Ball struggled with various ailments, including ankle sprains and knee injuries. These recurring health issues raised concerns about his long-term durability and potential impact on the team’s performance.

Offensive Limitations:

While Lonzo Ball possessed solid playmaking abilities and defensive skills. His offensive game left much to be desired. Also his shooting struggles, particularly from the three-point line, hindered his overall effectiveness on the court. The Lakers, aiming to build a championship-caliber team around LeBron James, sought players with more consistent offensive production.

Lack of Development:

Despite high expectations, Lonzo Ball’s development stagnated during his time with the Lakers. His shooting mechanics remained flawed, and he failed to showcase significant improvement in other areas of his game. With the Lakers’ championship aspirations, they needed players who could contribute immediately, making Ball’s lack of progress a concern.

Acquiring Anthony Davis:

The trade that sent Lonzo Ball to the New Orleans Pelicans allowed the Lakers to acquire superstar Anthony Davis. Forming a formidable duo with LeBron James. Davis’s impact on the Lakers’ success cannot be overstated. As he played a vital role in their championship run in 2020. The addition of Davis provided the Lakers with a more immediate path to contention and solidified their chances of winning a title.

Roster Balance:

The departure of Lonzo Ball allowed the Lakers to address their roster balance. By acquiring additional players in the trade, such as Josh Hart and Brandon Ingram. But the Lakers were able to add depth and versatility to their lineup. Although these players played significant roles in the Lakers’ success. With Ingram eventually becoming an All-Star and Josh Hart providing valuable contributions off the bench.

Team Chemistry:

The Lakers’ decision to trade Lonzo Ball also had positive effects on team chemistry. While Ball had a positive relationship as well as with his teammates. The trade allowed the Lakers to create a cohesive unit that was better suited to compete for a championship. The players acquired in the trade meshed well with the existing roster, leading to improved chemistry and on-court cohesion.


While trading Lonzo Ball in 2019 was met with mixed reactions at the time. Recent developments have suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers may have made a wise decision. Concerns surrounding Ball’s injuries, offensive limitations, lack of development, and the opportunity to acquire Anthony Davis all played a part in shaping this decision. The subsequent success of the Lakers, including a championship victory. Further supports the notion that parting ways with Ball was a necessary for further move for the team’s long-term goals. In the ever-evolving landscape of the NBA. But the difficult decisions must be made. And sometimes as in the case of the Lakers, trading a promising talent can prove to be a prudent choice.