Despite rumours that Liverpool owners FSG are attempting to sell the team, Jurgen Klopp maintains his commitment to the Reds.


Following Liverpool’s victory over Derby in the third round of the Carabao Cup on Wednesday night, Klopp was questioned about rumours that had circulated earlier this week suggesting that the club had been put up for sale by FSG. After more than 12 years in charge, FSG responded by confirming that they were open to new investment.

The Reds manager refuted claims that the current circumstance was comparable to Chelsea’s takeover earlier this year by the Todd Boehly/Clearlake partnership.

WHO SAID IT: Klopp stated to reporters:

“[It] has absolutely no effect. The majority of what Pep [Lijnders] said during the news conference. We were aware of it for a little while longer, and I’m not really sure why we all say it will be sold.

According to what I read, they are seeking investors, which makes sense. That’s a wise concept, I like it.

For me, it means nothing. I really appreciate how we work together with our owners, but if that would change, I’m dedicated to the club definitely. As far as I know, they are searching for investors, and I felt that made sense. The players didn’t ask me, but if they want to, I can tell them anything.

Regarding the analogies to Chelsea, Klopp continued, “Chelsea was sold first and foremost, that’s how I perceive it. Investors are what they (FSG) are seeking for. The circumstances are entirely different now because Chelsea’s owner had to sell the club. The scenario had a little air of urgency, to put it simply. That is not at all the case here.

“I think it’s critical that we keep moving forward and becoming ready even as the process—whatever it may be—is in motion.

“Nothing occurred right away. When we saw the news and wondered, “Oh my God, how can we keep on? No one suffered a heart attack; it was only information that we already knew. It’s a choice, and that’s okay. We have a close working relationship with FSG, and nothing will change in that regard.

We will observe and respond to whatever occurs.


It is believed that FSG has hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to help in their quest for additional investment. It is unclear, however, if they would try to sell the club entirely or just a portion of it.