In one of Week 12’s more unexpected defeats, the Ravens lost to the Jaguars 28-27 after blowing a two-score lead in the final six minutes.

After the game, a Ravens fan urged the team to release Lamar Jackson at the end of the season on Twitter, and the quarterback did not take well to it.

The fan stated that the Ravens should “Let Lamar depart and spend that money on a well-rounded squad” after seeing Jackson complete only 50% of his throws against the Jaguars.

The Ravens quarterback was mentioned in the tweet, and we can be certain that he saw it because, in addition to responding, he did so in a way that might get him into trouble. Jackson yelled at the fan to “STFU,” adding a crude NSFW insult that we can’t display here.

More than 13,000 people liked Jackson’s tweet in the first hour it was live.

John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Ravens, stated on Monday that he spoke with Jackson about the circumstance and added that he advises players to avoid using social media following games.

According to Harbaugh, who is quoted by, “I simply chat to these guys, and we talk a lot about football, but we also talk a bit about that stuff, too, what goes on in terms of media and everything.” “Really simply pleading with guys not to enter the Twittersphere immediately following the game, especially after a defeat. It won’t ever be happy, and it won’t ever be a pleasant place.”

The problem with tweeting after a game is that emotions are likely to be high. Jackson’s answer was different from what Harbaugh is used to seeing from his franchise quarterback.

“Lamar’s response seemed to reflect it somewhat, given what he said was so out of character for him. He doesn’t talk like that. That is not how he speaks. He never uses language like that “said Harbaugh. “He’s never said anything like that before, either. Like us all, I’m sure he’s frustrated. You simply don’t want to reside there immediately following a game. He knows that, I’m sure of it.”

Since Jackson, 25, was selected in the 2018 NFL Draft, Harbaugh has served as his head coach. Anyone who knows Jackson, he claimed, is aware that he is not the kind of person represented in the tweet.

You’ve known Lamar Jackson because of it. He has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever met. Everybody has seen him. how he handles people. how he treats children. how he handles the media. said Harbaugh. He’s also among the fiercest rivals I’ve ever encountered. He therefore takes those discussions very seriously. As a result, you cannot live there, and sometimes he is lured into a trap by someone who is only mildly baiting him. It doesn’t matter.