jersey mexico qatar 2022 uniforms: The top ten designs before Qatar, with the USMNT clearly falling short In actuality, it could simply be a pricey t-shirt, but how many significant moments in football history are encapsulated in the jerseys worn by the great teams? Brazil is infamous for winning over a generation of fans in 1970 with their yellow uniforms that sparkled even brighter on cutting-edge colour televisions.

The third shirt that England wore to the World Cup in Italy last year is one of the few objects that best captures the rebirth of English youth culture in the 1990s. The debut of Nigeria’s 2018 jersey marked the culmination of sportswear’s influence on fashion.

Sadly, the majority of the kits that will be on show in Qatar fall short of such high standards. From Puma’s unimpressive assortment of away jerseys to whatever Nike did with their tic0 on the USMNT kits, the designs are lacklustre. Nevertheless, some stand out among the chaos for the right reasons. These are them:

Unquestionably not on the list… USMNT

Did Nike visit T.J. Maxx armed with a tonne of iron-on USA emblems and $10 left over from their kit budget? Even as you gaze at them, these are so aggressivly mid (grandad, check it up) that they immediately fade from your recollection. Maybe Gregg Berhalter has a brilliant scheme to lead his team to World Cup success. Ye Mighty, take a look at these garments and despair!

Farewell, South Korea

It’s difficult to completely escape the impression that this gear was created with rankings like these in mind and that it will be flying off the shelves in Peckham, Kreuzberg, and Willams burg before Christmas. But regardless of how you look at it—cynically or not—you have to admit that shirt is incredibly fashionable.

Home is Croatia

Nobody will ever alter the design of a Porsche 911, the Apple logo, or the decision to hold the World Cup during the summer in the northern hemisphere. In a turbulent world, we may feel a bit safer knowing that these fixed points will always be as they are today, exactly like the Croatia home jersey.

You understand what you are receiving. You can be sure that it will have the stunning red and white checkerboard, and any “remix” will essentially only entail creating place on the front of the kit for the player numbers. There are some things in life that you can rely on.

 Denmark, outside

When the Danish FA and uniform makers Hummel declared last month that they would reduce the prominence of their insignia on the World Cup uniforms because they “don’t desire to be prominent during a competition that has cost thousands of people their lives,” the announcement made headlines. These jerseys are something that Danish players and supporters can proudly wear because it was the strongest statement that any of the tournament’s competitors have yet to convey.

 Germany, home

Can a t-shirt possess the arrogant confidence in its own dominance that the top German teams bring to big competitions? Yes. Yes it can.

Mexico, please

It had to be, period. Mexico doesn’t produce subpar sports apparel, but this goes beyond the bounds of a t-shirt to achieve greater heights. This will serve as the standard by which all subsequent World Cup uniforms will be judged; it is the jersey equivalent of Diego Maradona’s 1986 World Cup.