ITT for the West Indies, Canada, Australia, and the United States

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has turned its attention to the United States, Australia, Canada, and the Caribbean after finishing the Indian market. It will publish its subsequent Invitation To Tender (ITT) for the media rights in these areas during the course of the following 24 hours.

The ICC announced the commencement of the ITT by saying, “Following the successful conclusion of the Indian market media rights tender, the International Cricket Council is initiating the next phase of itsthroughout key areas, including the USA, the media sales process.

It recently sold the India rights to Star Sports for $ 3 billion, and after splitting the property into two, sold the television rights to Zee under a sublicense. The digital rights have been maintained by it exclusively.

Again, the proposals are being sought from the four chosen markets primarily for the eight men’s world championships from 2024 to 2031 and the four women’s championships from 2024 to 2027. There will be six women’s contests and 16 men’s events in the combined ITT, including Under 19 championships.

The ICC has not yet disclosed the basic amount or the asking price. If there is demand, like there was from the Indian broadcasters, it may think about setting a charge. These bundles, unlike those offered in India, will include both TV and digital rights; separate packages will not be available.

For the first four years of the men’s events, interested parties must submit a bid. Additionally, they have the choice to submit a bid for an eight-year association.

The ICC is tackling each market independently for the first time. The world of cricket will soon be aware of the various areas’ and nations’ financial commitments to the International Cricket Council particularly with regard to India, thanks to this segregation policy.

Cricket has recently attracted new attention in the United States. Following suit, the ICC has also given the US the joint hosting rights of the Twenty20 World Cup, which will take place in the US and the Caribbean in 2024. The ICC tournaments are currently televised on ESPN Plus and Willow TV, both of which are Times Internet subsidiaries like Cricbuzz. Then there are media companies like Apple, NBC, CBS, and Amazon. There are Olympic broadcasts on NBC.

There has never been a better time for cricket to find a broadcast partner to help grow the game throughout the region, according to ICC chief executive Geoff Allardice.

With 30 million cricket fans already enjoying the sport there, the USA is one of the ICC’s planned development areas. A World Cup is slated to be co-hosted in that country in 2018. country in 2024, and our exciting ambition for inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games, there isn’t a better time for cricket to find a broadcast partner.

Sports Max, Flow TV, and ESPN might be rivals in the nearby Caribbean. Currently, Willow Canada holds the rights in Canada. The ICC competitions were previously broadcast on Rogers and, before that, on ATN.

ICC tournaments in Australia are now broadcast on both Foxtel and Channel Nine. Foxtel and Channel Seven, who worked together to overturn Channel Nine’s 40-year cricket monopoly in 2018, now have the international rights for Australia.

For the record, the most watched sport in the nation, the AFL, just signed a $ 4.5 billion agreement with Fox and Seven. Additionally, Seven holds the Olympic rights. Like Fox’s OTT App, Kayo, its OTT platform 7plus is highly well-liked and does not have a paywall.

In addition to Nine, Seven, and Fox, Network Ten also used to air Big Bash. It may be a candidate for the rights, much like Optus Sports, who just got the English Premier League rights. It was recently bought by the American company CBS Paramount.

Australia is a special market for the ICC, thus not every World Cup game, like as ones featuring lesser teams, may be broadcast there. The ICC tournaments stream live at night, except when they take place in Australia (in 2028 in this cycle), because there are only roughly 26 million people in the world.

However, things appear to be poised to change, especially with the South Asian community (there are roughly 750,000 Indians), who are mostly all cricket lovers. But it’s unclear if that will result in more media rights income for the ICC.