Gymnastics Argentinos jrs  | Gimnasia was better positioned after the 0-0 since it is higher in the yearly standings than Argentinos. In 48 hours, a crucial matchup between Pipo’s and Ibarra’s teams will determine the future of both.

Gymnastics Argentinos jrs

Gymnastics Argentinos jrs tied the game at La Plata without scoring, and the draw gave Néstor Gorosito’s club the best opportunity to qualify for the next Copa Libertadores while eliminating them from contention for the Professional League championship.

With a line of five in the background, Pipo Gorosito put up a mirror system to that of “Bicho,” although those commanded by Gabriel Milito had a very well-oiled system. and Gimnasia is the second time he has used it in the cycle of his current coach. The match between Gimnasia and Boca, which will take place on Wednesday, was suspended on October 6 due to incidents on its field.

The first half of the game was tactically and strategically controlled by Argentinos Juniors, who held the ball and played in enemy territory but lacked definition.

Gymnastics Argentinos jrs At minute five, the crossbar stopped Moyano from scoring. At minute eleven, Roa attempted, and the ball came near. The most obvious occurred at 17 when Verón’s shot was flawlessly stopped by Rey.

Roa had him in a past centre a minute later, but he arrived demanding and threw it away.

The only one for Lobo was a personal arrest by wide-finishing Paraguayan Sosa.

At the very end, Nuss had a nice overflow on the right, but Rodrigo Rey, the “tripero” goalie, had another strong answer for the centre back.

At 11 minutes, Soldano compelled Lanzilotta to make a commendable stop, while at 15 minutes, Benjamn Dominguez botched a counterattack.

The final 15 minutes of the game were interrupted, and it was more of a vertigo attack. Torrén’s close-range free kick and two moves that Milito’s squad was unable to define under the goal allowed Argentina to win it in the end. Gymnastics had a chance late in the game thanks to a shot by Contn.

With two games remaining—a match against “Xeneize” on Wednesday at El Bosque and a match against Talleres in Cordoba the following weekend—Gimnasia had accumulated 41 points, 7 points behind Boca. However, his 65 points in the overall standings put him nearer the Libertadores.


Gymnastics: Ramon Sosa, Franco Soldano, Augustine Cardozo, Leonardo Morales, William Fratta, Matthias Melluso, Rodrigo Rey, William Henry, Oscar Piris, Leonardo Morales, and William Fratta. Nestor Gorosito, DT.

Federico Lanzillotta, Kevin MacAllister, Miguel Torren, Lucas Villalba, Franco Moyano, Alan Rodriguez, Mariano Bittolo, Andrés Roa, and Gabriel Avalos are among the junior players from Argentina. Gabriel Milito, DT

Changes: In the second half, Alexis Steimbach started for Fratta at the start, followed by Eric Ramrez for Muro and Benjamn Domnguez for Lescano at the 13-minute mark, Javier Cabrera for Roa at the 18-minute mark, David Zalazar for Bttolo and José Mara Herrera for Nuss at the 21-minute mark, Nicolás Contn for Soldano at the 23-minute mark, and Federico Red