The Saskatchewan Roughriders, Edmonton Elks, and Ottawa Redblacks supporters may be unsure of what to do with themselves over the next weeks as the CFL has now been down to its final six clubs.

I’m here to help, good news.

I can understand if you don’t want to join a team for the playoffs. But if you do, let me be your guide as to which club you ought to think about supporting during the CFL playoffs in 2022.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers, no. 6

They are a potential juggernaut, the two-time reigning champions, and the start of a new dynasty. You are a moron if you join the Bombers bandwagon right now. I would be tougher, but this is a family-friendly website.

Everyone’s second favourite team is no longer Winnipeg, and unless you like the blue and gold, you should be rooting for their collapse. Supporting Winnipeg is like supporting the hunter who kills Bambi’s mother. Don’t do it at all.

5. Argonauts of Toronto

The Argos could use some assistance because the residents of the city where they play don’t even care about them. They are, however, the top seed in the East Division for the second consecutive year, and I just don’t like anything about the squad.

Additionally, Chris Edwards, a Toronto player who is as disliked as any in the league, continues to play. Keep away.

Alouettes of Montreal, no. 4

The Als would rank considerably higher on this list if Vernon Adams Jr. and Khari Jones were still living in the area. However, Montreal is a difficult club to support due to the disgusting manner in which Jones was sacked and the decline in humour from Adams to Trevor Harris.

The Alouettes are superior to Toronto and Winnipeg because they have outstanding players like Eugene Lewis and William Stanback who have not yet won a championship. They lack the competitive edge that the teams above them possess.

Calgary Stampeders, no.3

Calgary used to be fairly certain to land at position five or six in these rankings, but this year they move up to position three simply because they are no longer the front-runner.
Because Calgary is no longer a given, you can support them without feeling repulsive. Yes, they are still a really decent squad, but they have faced challenges in recent years. The Stamps are, dare I say it, genuinely lovable for the first time in a very long time when you throw in a humbled Bo Levi Mitchell.

Tiger-Cats of Hamilton no.2

Since 2019 under the leadership of Orlondo Steinauer, the Ticats have enjoyed a good time. They have likeable players with outgoing personalities and a protracted Grey Cup drought, making supporting them the reverse of cheering for a successful club.

1. B.C. Lions

If Nathan Rourke was the quarterback, this squad could consist entirely of demon worshippers and still win the championship.

The absence of Rourke throughout the second half of the season was felt around the league since he was the most entertaining player to watch in the CFL this season. The Lions have players that improve the league even without Rourke, including Lucky Whitehead and Bryan Burnham.