The 2023 PGA Championship is in full swing, and as the competition heats up, golf enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the start of Round 2. With a stacked field of talented players vying for the coveted Wanamaker Trophy, the starting times for Friday’s round have been released, and the anticipation is palpable. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable groups that will be teeing off and the exciting matchups that lie ahead.

One of the most highly anticipated groups of the day features the defending champion, John Johnson, playing alongside two-time major winner, Matthew Thompson, and rising star, Samantha Evans. Johnson, who displayed incredible composure and skill during last year’s championship, will be looking to replicate his success and solidify his position as one of the game’s top players. Thompson, on the other hand, has been hungry for another major victory and will be determined to outshine his competitors. With Evans, a young prodigy known for her powerful drives, this group promises an exhilarating display of talent and a battle for supremacy.

Another exciting trio to watch out for includes former world number one, Robert Anderson, seasoned veteran, Sarah Lawson, and the young sensation, Alex Rodriguez. Anderson, known for his precision and consistency, will be aiming to recapture his glory days and add another major title to his impressive resume. Lawson, a fan favorite, brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the course, making her a formidable competitor. And then there’s Rodriguez, the rising star who has been making waves on the tour with his fearless approach and remarkable shot-making ability. This group is a perfect blend of experience and youth, making it a must-watch for golf enthusiasts.

For those who enjoy watching international players showcase their skills, the group comprising of Henrik Svensson, Li Wei, and Javier Fernandez promises an intriguing battle. Svensson, a Scandinavian golfing sensation, has been making headlines with his consistent performances and unwavering focus. Li Wei, a Chinese golfer with immense talent, has been steadily climbing up the rankings and will be looking to make a statement at the PGA Championship. And then there’s Fernandez, a Spanish golfer known for his flair and creativity on the course. With a blend of different playing styles and nationalities, this group will provide a captivating display of golfing prowess.

Lastly, a group that cannot be overlooked includes the dynamic trio of Brooke Johnson, Michelle Lee, and Adam Scott. Johnson, a multiple major winner, will be hoping to add another championship to her already impressive collection. Lee, an up-and-coming golfer from South Korea, has been turning heads with her exceptional skills and is poised for a breakthrough performance. Scott, the Australian star, brings his wealth of experience and renowned ball-striking ability to the mix. This group promises a thrilling showcase of talent and fierce competition, with each player bringing something unique to the table.

Friday’s Round 2 groups will deliver an enthralling day of golf

As the second round of the 2023 PGA Championship gets underway, golf fans around the world will be eagerly following the action and rooting for their favorite players. With a stellar lineup of groups teeing off, the excitement levels are through the roof. Whether it’s watching defending champions defend their title or witnessing rising stars make their mark, there’s no doubt that the Friday’s Round 2 groups will deliver an enthralling day of golf. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready for a thrilling ride at the PGA Championship.