The fact that the World Cup has been postponed until January 27, 2023, is a wonderful thing. Fortuna Düsseldorf was on its approach to becoming a second-division vegetable. Naturally, they perform well. The only people who consistently lose their edge are those who do so. Like on Friday night when Düsseldorf fell 2-1 to 1. FC Kaiserslautern in their own stadium – as a result of a last-second penalty, given by none other than Michal Karbownik, who scored the initial goal. Drama cannot possibly get worse.

In the first XI, Thioune makes mechanical adjustments.

Shinta Appelkamp and Felix Klaus were substituted in the starting lineup by Emmanuel Iyoha and Kristoffer Peterson, according coach Daniel Thione.

This appears robotic, lacking in conviction and thought. During the interval, Thioune would be wise to reflect on his own actions. He entertains his community by creating little stars.

Aspirational Karbownik

Fortuna got things going strong. Christoph Klarer had the first opportunity, but his head missed FCK goalkeeper Andreas Luthe after a Peterson free-kick (7th). Later, the other F95 centre-back reversed the advantage. Rouwen Hennings prolonged a corner kick to the back post, where Tim Oberdorf was unable to adequately get behind the ball and Luthe’s arms headed the ball in place of the orphaned right Eck (8th).

After roughly 30 metres, Michal Karbownik pulled in, let an opponent out, and sent the ball from the edge of the penalty area into the perfect angle for the game’s last goal in the 14th minute. Then, Düsseldorf squandered at least four opportunities. That ought to be very retaliatory.

Kaiserslautern shows up and evens the score.

Kaiserslautern changed after leaving the locker room, so shortly after play resumed, Mike Wunderlich struck the left crossbar with a shot from around 18 metres out (46th). Later, Aaron Opoku utilised the veteran once again, and his attempt (at 47′) just missed the right post.

Düsseldorf’s defence was defeated by a standard when Kevin Kraus successfully headed in from a corner kick from Wunderlich (50th). The Palatinate nearly seized the lead after four minutes, but Florian Kastenmeier expertly parried a deflected attempt from Wunderlich (54′).

Karbownik was penalised for a foul.

Fortuna returned after a meagre fifteen minutes. but stopped striking. Until late in extra time, when Karbownik fouled Lex-Tyger Lobinger in the penalty area (90+5), everything seemed to trend to a draw. The bottom left penalty kick by Philipp Klement was successful (90+7). Ben Cortus, the official, ceased blowing his whistle. Lost.