The NBA is always full of exciting moments, and Monday, May 10, 2021 was no different. From Nikola Jokic’s impressive steal from Devin Booker to other noteworthy events, here are some of the most significant moments from the day in the NBA.

The Phoenix Suns faced off against the Denver Nuggets, and the game was a tightly contested affair throughout. However, one particular moment stood out, and that was when the reigning MVP, Nikola Jokic, made a fantastic steal against the Phoenix Suns’ star guard, Devin Booker.

Devin Booker received a pass

The play happened in the second quarter when Devin Booker received a pass and tried to make a move towards the basket. Jokic, who had been defending him, managed to strip the ball away from him cleanly, which led to a fast break for the Nuggets. Jokic’s steal was impressive not just because of how cleanly he managed to get the ball, but also because of the strength and awareness he displayed. It’s moments like these that make Jokic one of the most valuable players in the league.

But the game wasn’t just about Jokic and Devin Booker. There were other notable moments worth mentioning.

Chris Paul’s Leadership Shines Through

The Suns’ veteran point guard, Chris Paul, showed once again why he’s one of the most valuable players in the league. Paul had an excellent game, finishing with 21 points, 11 assists, and six rebounds. However, it wasn’t just his stat line that was impressive. It was his leadership and decision-making that stood out.

Throughout the game, Paul was the floor general, constantly communicating with his teammates, and making sure everyone was in the right position. He also made several clutch plays down the stretch to help the Suns secure the win.

Michael Porter Jr. Continues to Impress

Michael Porter Jr. has been one of the breakout stars of the 2020-21 NBA season, and he continued his impressive play against the Suns. Porter Jr. finished with 24 points, six rebounds, and two steals, showcasing his offensive skills and defensive prowess.

Porter Jr. has been a vital piece for the Nuggets this season, and his continued improvement bodes well for their playoff aspirations.

Jae Crowder’s Physicality

Jae Crowder is known for his physical play, and he didn’t disappoint against the Nuggets. Crowder was a pest on defense, constantly getting into the faces of Denver’s players and making life difficult for them. He also had a solid offensive game, finishing with 14 points and five rebounds.

Crowder’s toughness and grit are precisely what the Suns need in the playoffs, and his contributions will be crucial to their success.

In conclusion, Monday, May 10, 2021, was a day full of exciting moments in the NBA. From Nikola Jokic’s impressive steal from Devin Booker to Chris Paul’s leadership and Michael Porter Jr.’s continued improvement, there were plenty of noteworthy events. As the playoffs draw near, these moments will only become more critical, and fans can look forward to more memorable plays and performances.