In the 17 games Dave Houghton has presided over in the white ball forms since taking over as Zimbabwe’s head coach in June of this year, there have been more victories than defeats. He received all the credit from Sikandar Raza for turning around Zimbabwe’s dire game circumstances. Houghton is still optimistic about Zimbabwe’s chances of winning the T20 World Cup in 2022, which is perhaps their biggest cricketing accomplishment in recent memory.

According to Dave Houghton, who said, “I did,” the largest and main objective was to be here when I took over in June or July for the qualifications in Bulawayo.explain to the lads when we went home, it’s good we qualified to get here, but that’s not our main objective. Our major goal is to survive so that we may exploit the next trials to inflict as much harm as we can.”

“I don’t want to have irrational expectations. Naturally, everyone would stand up and declare their desire to win. We intend to harm something. It would be nice if we could also bring home a few significant scalps. I’m only focusing on one game at a time right now, but it would be great if we could go to the semifinals “Houghton added.

The head coach also explained how having a clock in practise and training has affected the way he approaches them.

Zimbabwe’s chances of winning the T20 World Cup in 2022

I responded, “I’ve been asked a lot what I bring to the team, and to be perfectly honest, I really don’t know the answer to that. “The only thing I’ve done to the guys is said ‘you have the freedom to play, and there will be no repercussions if you make mistakes.

‘” I don’t believe you can improve as a cricketer if you’re afraid of your own shadow and afraid of playing a bad shot or bowling a bad It’s impossible to grow. The only thing I’ve actually done is that.

Additionally, he emphasised how his behaviour off the field had changed the players’ attitudes. things appeared to have worsened after.

“A little over-analytical, in my opinion. I believe that some people overpractice. I imagine some consequences, “Houghton said on the prior problems. The athletes were bullied and pulled in front of one another in the locker room if they performed poorly. It’s not a nice side dish recipe. The guys on the team now have a little more freedom to express themselves and they have good skills.”

Since they hired me as a coach, the first thing we did was take them to a game park where we had a wonderful sunset while watching the game and drinking a few beers before sitting down and having a short conversation.

“I think there was an immediate change in mindset once they realised that I’m not going to be a guy who’s going to be standing there pointing fingers and yelling at them all day,” said Houghton.