Chandrakant Pandit alter how IPL teams are seen

This has happened before. Anil Kumble and Sanjay Bangar were also present. Ashish Nehra has already made his arrival known. However, Chandrakant Pandit selection as the head coach of the Kolkata Knight Riders may alter the proprietors of the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) perspective. The success of Pandit might start a desi trend in the IPL.

Despite the fact that eight out of the ten teams’ managers were from outside the country last season, ‘foreign coach’ weariness appears to be gradually settling in. Managing the foreign coaches has not been simple because they arrive with a large army of support personnel. In addition, none of them make a full-time commitment to the franchise and demand exorbitant fees.

One foreign coach, a well-known former player, is rumoured to stop watching the IPL once he boards the plane for home. He is so unresponsive that he doesn’t even return messages from the owners, players, or management in a timely manner. Some franchise players may attempt to message him on WhatsApp to ask whether he saw them bowling or batting the night before, but he will remain completely silent.

Many of them also bring their families, and the franchise is required to cover all of their costs, including lodging, transportation, and other expenditures. It is claimed that while it may not be a significant consideration for a club like the Mumbai Indians, the CEOs of other organisations take this seriously.

One time, a group of international coaches for a team requested that the franchise management provide them with alcohol bottles since they were unable to leave the hotel due to Covid limitations and couldn’t pay the price of the five-star hotel. A few expensive liquor bottle crates have to be purchased by the franchise.

Their unavailability for the franchise activity is a more important factor. One coach requested payment in exchange for taking part in his team’s promotional activities. He only squirmed when told that it is a requirement of the contract he signed.

It is stated that the foreign coaches have an edge since they are skilled at marketing and self-promotion. Both on-air and off-air, the commentators and the personnel they supervise would frequently discuss them. Additionally, they are strong communicators, which is a skill an Indian coach is not very skilled in.

A Rahul Dravid or Ravi Shastri is a good communicator. Bharat Arun, R Sridhar, WV Raman, and Amol Muzumdar’s names can be added to the short list, but not everyone else’s.