Josh Giddey | Ben Simmons prepares to play against the Dallas Mavericks after missing four games due to knee pain. This is excellent news for Nets supporters given how depleted the team has recently been, with Kevin Durant carrying all of the offensive load.

The burden on the Slim Reaper is lessened by Simmons’ return to the roster. The former Sixers guard, who averages single-digit statistics, is far from being an All-Star. The 26-year-old, who was fouled out twice in his six games, has fallen short of his defensive obligations.

At the moment, Simmons is averaging 6.2 PPG, 7.3 APG, and 6.5 RPG while shooting a dismal 46.7% from the charity stripe. The Nets guard found himself in foul trouble early in the season after receiving 26 calls.

Simmons, who is the subject of intense scrutiny, has found encouragement in fellow countryman and rookie Thunder player Josh Giddey.

In defence of the Nets guard, Josh Giddey states, “People forget Ben Simmons is an All-Star.”

Giddey, who was chosen as the sixth selection in the 2021 draught, is conscious of the pressure that comes with being a lottery choice; given the high expectations, the burden is even greater for overseas players. As he saw Simmons endure the abuse, the 20-year-old made the decision to defend his other Australian buddy.

The Thunder rookie acknowledged spoken with Simmons in the past and urged supporters to be patient, saying it will take time for the former Sixers guard to shake off the rust.

Ben Simmons declares his availability for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

Simmons will represent Australia in the next 2024 Olympics in Paris while attending to his national responsibilities. Unfortunately, the three-time All-Star excused his absence from supporting the Boomers in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by citing work commitments.

The Australian national basketball team’s finest performance came at the previous Olympics. When they took home bronze in Tokyo. Gold, therefore, doesn’t seem altogether implausible with Simmons on board.