Four clubs in Group 1 have three points each following the no-result.

Australia vs England: the game was called off

Due to a wet, dangerous outfield, the T20 World Cup match between Australia and England was called off at the MCG, awarding each team one point. Both teams now have three points after each team’s first two games, which were won and lost respectively.

As a result, the game on Friday between these two old rivals was billed as a “loser goes out” matchup. But regrettably, the umpires ultimately decided to halt play at 8.49 p.m. local time following a day of rain and occasional storms.

There was no chance the ground would have dried in time given the cool evening weather, especially the fact that play started at 10.04 p.m., well before the cutoff time. bowlers’ run-ups, which were a particular cause for concern.

Both teams knew rain would be a factor on Friday as a result of Melbourne’s recent torrential downpours. It was expected that this match would be abandoned without the coin toss after the opening game of the day, between Afghanistan and Ireland, was also called off.

Australia’s captain Aaron Finch remarked, “The outfield has received a drenching over the previous few of weeks, as wet as I’ve ever seen it. “Both the run-ups and the actual circle were fairly drenched.. The issue is player security. One of the Zimbabweans fell recently, as we witnessed (Richard Ngarava). It will be a serious problem if you try to run out there.”

Match Abandoned

Thirty minutes after the inspection was supposed to begin at 7.30 p.m. local time, it took place with all save the cover over the plaza in place since the clouds briefly kept their position. Surface water, despite the drainage system and super-soppers working nonstop, remained a problem.

An inspection at 8:15 pm was followed by another at 8:50 pm. The 30,000 spectators who braved the conditions were sent on their way after the umpires decided to call the game before the latter occurred due to another downpour.

Everyone was present and prepared to play, Finch continued. “And a lot of people showed up. Although missing out was unfortunate, the amount of rain that Melbourne and the east coast of Australia have had recently is fantastic.”

Matthew Wade, who had to change in a different room after testing positive for Covid-19, had been scheduled to make the starting XI, according to Finch. “Yesterday, he experienced a few symptoms, but today, all he had was a headache. But he was all set.”

Currently, England moves up to second place in Group 1 thanks to their +0.239 net run rate, ahead of Australia and Ireland, both of which have three points. Ireland defeated England on Wednesday.

Run Rate

Notwithstanding, they likewise have the most troublesome leftover timetable of the groups who could possibly get done with seven focuses, with games against Sri Lanka the next Saturday and New Zealand the next Tuesday in Brisbane (where more downpour is anticipated).

In spite of the way that Britain will likely go to the elimination rounds with two triumphs, Australia actually has games against Ireland and Afghanistan where they can work on their – run rate.

Meanwhile, if New Zealand wins their remaining two games against Sri Lanka and Ireland, they will still be able to qualify even if they lose against England. Ireland and Afghanistan are still very much in the mix for the knockout rounds as well; there is only one point separating the other five teams.