Athletico Paranaense vs Palmeiras, Game 34 of the Brazilian, Final Score, Goals, and Summary.

Palmeiras defeated Paranaense 3-1 on day 34 of the Brazil – Campeonato Brasileirao 2022 competition. Matheus Felipe (30′ 1T) scored the game’s only goal for the home team. While Gustavo Gómez (30′ 2T), Endrick (24′ 2T), and Gustavo Scarpa (13′ 2T) scored goals on the road.

It was a terrific performance by Gustavo Scarpa. The Palmeiras midfielder completed 27 accurate passes, assisted on 4 kicks, and scored 1 goal.

Gustavo Gómez was also notable. The Palmeiras defender made a significant contribution by scoring a goal, swiping three balls, and intercepting three of them.

Athletico Paranaense vs. Palmeiras

Although the game was contested, there were more violations than there were instances of fair play. Rômulo, Gustavo Gómez, Bryan Garca, Murilo Cerqueira, Pablo, Tomás Cuello, Garcia, Gustavo Scarpa, and Joaqun Piquerez were among the many cautioned. In the 59th second-half minute, Tomás Neck sent him out for a clear red card.

DT Paranaense With Anderson at the arch, Luis Orejuela, Matheus Felipe, Nicolas Hernandez, and Pedrinho in the defensive line, Bryan Garcia, Leo Cittadini, and Hugo Moura in the centre, and Vitor Bueno, Vitor Roque, and Romulo in the attack, Luiz Scolari displayed a 4-3-3 tactical arrangement.

The 4-5-1 formation used by Abel Ferreira’s squad was composed of Weverton at centre back, Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gómez, Murilo Cerqueira, and Joaqun Piquerez in the back, Danilo, Zé Rafael, Mayke, Gustavo Scarpa, and Dudu in the middle, and Rony up forward.

The match in the Arena da Baixada was assigned to Braulio Da Silva Machado as the official referee.

Paranaense will host Goiás on the next day, and Palmeiras will host Fortaleza.

As a result, the local currently holds sixth position in the championship with 51 points, while the visitor currently holds first place with 74 points.

Goals and a recap of the game between Palmeiras and Athletico Paranaense

With goals from Gustavo Henrique Furtado Scarpa, Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa, and Gustavo Ral Gómez Portillo, Palmeiras defeated Athletico Paranaense 3-1. Matheus Felipe Santos Nascimento scored the goal for Athletico Paranaense.

47′ 2T: Palmeiras’ corner

The corner is where the ball went. Palmeiras must be changed from the corner. Bruno Vinicius Souza Ramos is in charge of tossing it.

44′ 2T: Joaqun Piquerez Moreira is given a yellow card.

Joaqun Piquerez Moreira receives a yellow card from the referee. Five players are reserved for Palmeiras.

39′ 2T: Palmeiras changes

Sale Bruno Vinicius Souza Ramos, entrance Eduardo Pereira Rodrigues.

Change in Palmeiras at 38′ 2T

Sale Enter Breno Lopes, Ronielson da Silva Barbosa.

Change in Palmeiras at 38′ 2T

Sale Bruno Vinicius Souza Ramos, entrance Eduardo Pereira Rodrigues.