Erling Haaland allegedly received a cheeky offer from nearby Manchester City to join non-league Ashton United on loan during the World Cup.

The prolific Haaland will be out of action in the upcoming weeks as top-flight football takes a break for the international championship in Qatar. Norway was unable to qualify.

The striker can keep his match fitness, according to Ashton of the Northern Premier League Premier Division. The seventh division of English football.

The manager of the Robins, Michael Clegg said on the team’s website. “It just makes sense.” “We want to contribute by keeping Erling in shape because City aren’t playing. It makes more sense than his spending six weeks playing golf.

We believe he will fit in well with our squad dynamic and will be a terrific match for us.

Six miles from City’s Etihad Stadium

Ashton, who are now in 11th place in their league. Were defeated 2-0 in front of a 622-person audience on Saturday.

Since his £51 million summer transfer from Borussia Dortmund. Haaland has scored 23 goals in 18 games for Premier League champions City.

Before returning to training in early December, Pep Guardiola announced last week that Haaland will be given some time off. Which he anticipated he would divide between a vacation in Marbella and a trip home to Norway.

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