Tigre | El Matador required a victory to qualify for the Cup, but Arsenal dealt them a setback with a 4-1 victory. Hurricane is happy.

Everything for the cotillion was ready; there was colour, a throng, trumpets, and plenty of balloons. José Dellagiovanna wore appropriate attire. Of course, Tigre had a very particular motive for holding the event: to bid Martn Galmarini, the club’s most famous player, goodbye. Of course, the squad also had the chance to earn a spot in the next Copa Libertadores.

There was one visitor who didn’t want the celebration to start off, though. because Arsenal destroyed their competitor 4-1 by taking advantage of his errors, denying him the jackpot. He was also pierced.


The Matador entered the game with the intention of winning and came out aiming for the ball. However, the emotion brought on by Pato’s departure at 8′ of the first half eventually got the better of him, and he lost his bearings. It is because as time passed, the atmosphere grew less intense and, to top it off, Ass profited from every flaw it discovered in others along the road.


What took place? Abel Luciatti attempted to pull her out of the limited area by leaving Julián Navas all by himself with the goal at his disposal. Gonzalo Marinelli was an accomplice since he had the opportunity to stop it three minutes later when Mauro Pittón snatched a ball in the air and tossed it over him. And with Francisco Apaolaza’s goal, a fresh disrespect came to an end before the PT was shut off. Yes, three seeds that everyone was unaware of.

THE PT’S 3-0 Score

The score of 0–3 was too much for a Tigre to overcome after being so shocked by the outcome. due to the forcefulness of Arsenal. Facundo Kruspzky, the outstanding player in his final game for the Viaducto squad, dealt him a new blow when he tried to respond in the complement. He hung on, struggled, and took a shot to extend the lead.


The guest leaped a few metres back, joined the two lines of four, and began to play with the desperation of a matador who was just able to get by Blas Armoa. He will now have to be content with representing South America, which is still a trophy for a squad that was rising just a year ago. Yes, Hurricane was the one who rejoiced.