England vs Ireland | Ireland has gone a long way from failing to qualify for the main competition in 2021 to defeating England in the Super 12s in 2022. This victory serves as a warning to the other teams that they should not be taken lightly. As Buttler stated, England has put extra pressure on itself, so what better way to relieve it than by defeating their bitter rivals?

It will happen on Friday. But today’s schedule also includes a match between Afghanistan and New Zealand. Since it will take place there, maybe the rain will stop. To see all the updates, switch between tabs. Goodbye for now, and be careful.

Andy Balbirnie, captain of Ireland and player of the game

England vs Ireland  We lost 7 wickets for a relatively small amount of runs, which left us feeling rather let down, and they stole our momentum. Since we are aware of how the England squad prefers to play, our message was to simply generate opportunities. If we took them, we would have a chance. It was difficult since England has an accelerated tempo and several variations.

We rode our luck, suffered some setbacks, and continued on. Tucker performed well, and the stage was built out rather effectively. It is incredible and rather emotional.

Since we haven’t played a game here, it is really fulfilling to play the tournament favourites among so many well-known athletes and put on a spectacle. We spent a wonderful week in Hobart, and it was extra amazing to do this at one of the largest grounds.

Because they are so devoted to the game and the fact that we are working to make it popular in Ireland, several of their followers decided to prolong their trip. It was a swift turnaround, but we are in a good position and will attempt to capitalise on it.

Jos Buttler | Captain of England:

especially over the first 10 ball-overs. I believed we were underprivileged and had let Ireland elude us. We had everything in our favour, including winning the toss and choosing to field knowing the weather, but we failed to take advantage of it. We were not consistent enough and allowed them to score on both sides.

There were some favourable bowling conditions as well. We let Ireland to score 20 to 30 runs too much in the first 10 overs and were under pressure to contain them. The second 10 overs were much better. On that wicket, they demonstrated how to bowl to us.

. It’s never ideal for me to be out in the first over, and we were never able to seize the initiative. They utilised the wicket skillfully and bowled brilliantly. The rain was expected to develop stronger and heavier, but as I previously mentioned, we won the toss and decided to bowl since we knew what to do with the bat.

They outperformed us in each of the game’s three phases, and the superior team prevailed. We are aware that our error has increased the pressure on us, but England-Australia is unquestionably one of those games that gets things starting.